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Our high level bioinformatics books bring together expert international authors under the skilled editorship of leading scientists to produce state-of-the-art compendiums of current research. Aimed at the research scientist, graduate student, medical reseacher and other professionals, these books are highly recommended for all bioinformatics libraries.
Next-generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics for Plant Science
Edited by: Vijai Bhadauria   Published: 2017
Book: 978-1-910190-65-4. Ebook: 978-1-910190-66-1
Review of next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics and applications in plants, in particular crop yield, drought tolerance and disease resistance read more ...
Proteomics: Targeted Technology, Innovations and Applications
Edited by: Manuel Fuentes and Joshua LaBaer   Published: 2014
Book: 978-1-908230-46-1. Ebook: 978-1-908230-62-1
"many excellent chapters" (Doodys) read more ...
Full information at Proteomics.
Bioinformatics and Data Analysis in Microbiology
Edited by: Özlem Taştan Bishop   Published: 2014
Book: 978-1-908230-39-3. Ebook: 978-1-908230-73-7
Invaluable, up-to-date and detailed information on various aspects of bioinformatics data analysis with applications to microbiology read more ...
Next-generation Sequencing: Current Technologies and Applications
Edited by: Jianping Xu   Published: 2014
Book: 978-1-908230-33-1. Ebook: 978-1-908230-95-9
"written in an accessible style" (Zentralblatt Math); "recommend this book to all investigators" (ChemMedChem) read more ...
Full information at Next-generation Sequencing.
Genome Analysis: Current Procedures and Applications
Edited by: Maria S. Poptsova   Published: 2014
Book: 978-1-908230-29-4. Ebook: 978-1-908230-68-3
An up-to-date and comprehensive overview of next-generation sequencing data analysis, highlighting problems and limitations, applications and developing trends in various fields of genome research read more ...
Full information at Genome Analysis.
Systems Microbiology: Current Topics and Applications
Edited by: Brian D. Robertson and Brendan W. Wren   Published: 2012
Book: 978-1-908230-02-7. Ebook: 978-1-912530-45-8
"a valuable resource" (Micro. Today); "wonderful volume" (Fungal Diversity) read more ...
Full information at Systems Microbiology.
Epigenetics: A Reference Manual
Edited by: Jeffrey M. Craig and Nicholas C. Wong   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-88-2. Ebook: 978-1-912530-53-3
"a key information resource" (EpiGenie); "an outstanding resource" (Quart. Rev. Biol.) read more ...
Full information at Epigenetics.
PCR Troubleshooting and Optimization: The Essential Guide
Edited by: Suzanne Kennedy and Nick Oswald   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-72-1. Ebook: 978-1-912530-71-7
"an essential book ... a valuable tool to all those interested in PCR" (Doodys); "an essential guide" Aus. J. Med. Sci read more ...
Molecular Phylogeny of Microorganisms
Edited by: Aharon Oren and R. Thane Papke   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-67-7. Ebook: 978-1-912530-72-4
"a pleasure to read" (Curr. Issues Mol. Biol.); "very informative ... I would recommend this book" (Microbiology Today); "outstanding book" (Intl. Microbiol.); "I strongly recommend the book" (J Plant Physiol); "comprehensive" (Fungal Diversity) read more ...
Microbial Population Genetics
Edited by: Jianping Xu   Published: 2010
Book: 978-1-904455-59-2. Ebook: 978-1-912530-85-4
"valuable contribution" (SciTech Book News); "informative and well written" (Fungal Diversity); "a useful overview" (Quart. Rev. Biol.) read more ...
Full information at Microbial Population Genetics.
Frontiers in Computational Genomics
Edited by: Michael Y. Galperin and Eugene V. Koonin   Published: 2003
Book: 978-0-9542464-4-0. Ebook: 978-1-913652-50-0
Highlights research on the emerging, perhaps somewhat controversial, topics in genomics and shows the feedback between the new developments and the established methods of computational biology read more ...
Genomics of GC-Rich Gram-Positive Bacteria
Edited by: Antoine Danchin   Published: 2002
Book: 978-0-9542464-3-3. Ebook: 978-1-913652-41-8
Comprehensive reviews on all aspects of the genomics of Rhodococcus, Mycobacteria, Streptomyces and other organisms read more ...
Genomic Technologies: Present and Future
Edited by: David J. Galas and Stephen J. McCormack   Published: 2002
Book: 978-0-9542464-2-6. Ebook: 978-1-913652-42-5
Reflect the range of technical advances and their applications that are currently transforming biology read more ...
Full information at Genomic Technologies.