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Our Permissions Policy

Authors preparing a manuscript for submission to a Caister Academic Press publication should read the information in our Author FAQs page.

Authors of chapters and articles published in Caister Academic Press books or journals retain the right to use their material in full or in part to prepare other derivative works provided full reference is made to the original source; as this is a retained right no further permission is necessary.

Caister Academic Press also permits anyone to reproduce figures and tables from our books and journals provided (1) Caister Academic Press owns the copyright (2) permission is also obtained from the original authors and (3) full reference is made to the original source. Permission is also granted to anyone wanting to reproduce or republish abstracts of chapters or articles. In these cases you do not need to request further permission from Caister Academic Press.

Making Photocopies

You must pay to photocopy any portion of our books or journals. Payment for photocopies should normally be made through the Copyright Clearance Center (USA), the Copyright Licencing Agency (UK) or the equivalent organisation in your own country. However you can instead make payments direct to the publisher using our payment form

Terms of Use:
We grant libraries and individuals permission to make photocopies of copyrighted materials from journals and books published by Caister Academic Press, Horizon Scientific Press, or Horizon Bioscience for academic use provided appropriate payment is made. This permission is for you to make single copies of individual pages, articles or chapters. The photocopied material may not be scanned, transmitted by email, ftp, web, internet, or any other means electronic or otherwise.

Note that this is permission to make a single copy and IS NOT permission to publish or reprint any material in another book, journal, or other publication.

Payment is requested at the following rates:
Material from a book or journal: US$ 5.00 per page OR GBP 2.50 per page