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Genomic Technologies: Present and Future

Publisher: Caister Academic Press
Edited by: David J. Galas and Stephen J. McCormack
Keck Graduate Institute, Claremont, CA 91711, USA and AlleCure, Valencia, CA 91355, USA; respectively
Pages: viii + 418
Publication date: July 2002
ISBN: 978-0-9542464-2-6
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Publication date: July 2002
ISBN: 978-1-913652-42-5
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Genomic Technologies book
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The chapters in this book reflect the range of technical advances and their applications that are currently transforming biology. Topics covered include the application of computational methods, the robotics of modern automation methodologies, the new chemical and imaging methods that reveal chromosome structure and elucidate gene function, and the emergence of evolutionary and functional information by comparative genomics. Eminent international scientists describe in detail the new technology necessary to study the entire genome in a holistic manner and all the high throughput and large-scale experimental methodologies currently being used in genomic science. In addition the authors describe the progress of the newest technologies that are currently being developed. Written by experts in the field, this concise yet informative volume covers all aspects of technology pertaining to genomic studies. An essential book for anyone involved in genomic science.

Readership: bioscientists, molecular biologists, biotechnologists, geneticists, human, animal and plant geneticists, microbiologists, genome scientists. An essential book for anyone involved in genomic science.


"This book provides a very comprehensive review on numerous comtemporary genomics technologies and tools by a team of experts in the field. Very informative for getting a quick comparison of different technologies!" from Functional Genomics.

"The chapters in this book reflect the range of technical advances that have, and are presently, transforming the way we perform genomic analyses in the lab ... Topics covered in this book are generally well covered and clearly explained, plus each chapter contains a helpful further reading section. This book ... would be of general interest to anyone working within the genomic technology field." from Microbiology Today (2003) 30: 48.

"On balance, I liked this book. ... if you're looking for twelve diverse and generally well-written reviews bound into one volume, this will do nicely." from Human Genetics (2003) 113: 193.

"... this volume provides useful information about both current and emerging genomic technologies ... this is a good quality production; the presentation of the text is easy to the eye, broken up by a sufficient number of illustrations. A useful introduction to genomic technologies for anyone from graduate students to researchers." from The Biochemist (2003).

"The Functional Genomics Series describes the state-of-the-art of technical means to efficiently analyse sequence information - provided by the nascent disciplines of bioinformatics and computational biology - and the need to fit the genomic pieces into the puzzle of biological function, resulting in an understanding of the functioning of complex systems of genes and macromolecules." from International Microbiology (2003) 6: 75-78.

" ... describes in detail the new technologies available for studying the whole-genomes of organisms ranging from microbes to humans." from International Microbiology (2003) 6: 75-78.

Table of contents
1. An Historical Perspective on Genomic Technologies
David J. Galas and Stephen J. McCormack
2. Molecular Cytogenetics and Human Genome Function
Pierre P. Massion and Joe W. Gray
3. Genome Comparison Techniques
Lisa Stubbs
4. Impact of Transgenic Technologies on Functional Genomics
Cooduvalli S. Shashikant and Frank H. Ruddle
5. Present and Future Tags and Labels in High Throughput Genomic Analysis
Jeffrey Van Ness
6. MAGIChip: Properties and Applications in Genomic Studies
Alexander Kolchinsky and Andrei Mirzabekov
7. Mass Spectrometry of Nucleic Acids
Zhaojing Meng and Patrick A. Limbach
8. Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
Pui-Yan Kwok
9. Live Cell Assays: Tools for Functional Genomics
Gregory W. Henkel
10. Automation and Robotics in Genomics Laboratories
Theodore E. Mifflin, Steven D. Hamilton, Gary W. Kramer, and Robin A. Felder
11. Computational DNA Sequence Analysis and Annotation
Hyatt, D., Uberbacher and E.C.
12. Beyond Sequence Similarity, or Sequence Analysis in the Age of the Genome
Itai Yanai, Adnan Derti and Charles DeLisi

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