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2011 Books

Our high level microbiology and molecular biology books bring together expert international authors under the skilled editorship of leading scientists to produce state-of-the-art compendiums of current research. Aimed at the research scientist, graduate student, medical reseacher and other professionals, these books are highly recommended for all microbiology and molecular biology libraries.
Bunyaviridae: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Edited by: Alexander Plyusnin and Richard M. Elliott   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-90-5. Ebook: 978-1-912530-52-6
Up-to-date reviews of current research in the field of Bunyaviridae molecular and cellular biology read more ...
Full information at Bunyaviridae.
Epigenetics: A Reference Manual
Edited by: Jeffrey M. Craig and Nicholas C. Wong   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-88-2. Ebook: 978-1-912530-53-3
"a key information resource" (EpiGenie); "an outstanding resource" (Quart. Rev. Biol.) read more ...
Full information at Epigenetics.
Metagenomics: Current Innovations and Future Trends
Edited by: Diana Marco   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-87-5. Ebook: 978-1-912530-56-4
"consistent coverage" (BookNews); "a valuable reference book" (Microbiol. Today); "state-of-the art information" (IMA Fungus); "an in-depth analysis" (Future Micro.) read more ...
Full information at Metagenomics.
Emerging Trends in Antibacterial Discovery: Answering the Call to Arms
Edited by: Alita A. Miller and Paul F. Miller   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-89-9. Ebook: 978-1-912530-58-8
"a comprehensive survey" (BIOspektrum); "a valuable resource for scientists" (Doodys); "I highly recommend that you add this to your shelves" (Microbiol. Today) read more ...
Nitrogen Cycling in Bacteria: Molecular Analysis
Edited by: James W. B. Moir   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-86-8. Ebook: 978-1-912530-63-2
"a snapshot of the current understanding" (Book News); "strongly recommended" (Microbiol. Today); "a major reference for many years to come" (ASM Microbe) read more ...
Full information at Nitrogen Cycling in Bacteria.
The Biology of Paramyxoviruses
Edited by: Siba K. Samal   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-85-1. Ebook: 978-1-912530-64-9
"up-to-date" (Book News); "very comprehensive" (Doodys); "an encyclopedic reference" (Q. Rev. Biol.) read more ...
Full information at The Biology of Paramyxoviruses.
Helicobacter pylori
Edited by: Lyudmila Boyanova   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-84-4. Ebook: 978-1-912530-60-1
"up-to-date" (Book News); "a well organized book" (Doodys) read more ...
Full information at Helicobacter pylori.
Microbial Bioremediation of Non-metals: Current Research
Edited by: Anna-Irini Koukkou   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-83-7. Ebook: 978-1-912530-59-5
An essential reference resource for everyone interested in the bioremediation of organic pollutants read more ...
Lactic Acid Bacteria and Bifidobacteria: Current Progress in Advanced Research
Edited by: Kenji Sonomoto and Atsushi Yokota   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-82-0. Ebook: 978-1-912530-62-5
"cutting-edge" (Food Sci. Technol. Abstr); "high scientific quality and timeliness" (Biospektrum); "compact and excellent book" (Microbiol. Today); "written very clearly" (ASM Microbe) read more ...
Viruses and Interferon: Current Research
Edited by: Karen Mossman   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-81-3. Ebook: 978-1-912530-67-0
"a series of thorough reviews" (ISICR Newsletter) read more ...
Full information at Viruses and Interferon.
Essentials of Veterinary Parasitology
Edited by: Hany M. Elsheikha and Naveed Ahmed Khan   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-80-6, 978-1-904455-79-0. Ebook: 978-1-912530-66-3
"excellent, accurate and up to date ... an essential tool" (Aus. Vet. J.); "an indispensable acquisition" (Acta Partasitologica); "it is worth buying" (Vet. Para.); "Students will love this book" (VIN) read more ...
Hepatitis C: Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development
Edited by: Seng-Lai Tan and Yupeng He   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-78-3. Ebook: 978-1-912530-61-8
"highly recommended" (Aus. J. Med. Sci.); "a thorough review" (Doodys); "in-depth information" (Microbiol. Today) read more ...
Full information at Hepatitis C.
Streptomyces: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Edited by: Paul Dyson   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-77-6. Ebook: 978-1-912530-65-6
"a must-read" (David A. Hopwood, John Innes Centre, UK); "a major reference" (Doodys); "comprehensive, up-to-date" (Microbiol. Today) read more ...
Full information at Streptomyces.
Alphaherpesviruses: Molecular Virology
Edited by: Sandra K. Weller   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-76-9. Ebook: 978-1-912530-68-7
"a valuable resource and highly recommended" (BMTW); "insightful reading" (Antiviral Therapy) read more ...
Full information at Alphaherpesviruses.
Recent Advances in Plant Virology
Edited by: Carole Caranta, Miguel A. Aranda, Mark Tepfer and J.J. Lopez-Moya   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-75-2. Ebook: 978-1-912530-73-1
"well-written and on the cutting edge of research" (Microbiol. Today); "a valuable source" (J Plant Phys) read more ...
Vaccine Design: Innovative Approaches and Novel Strategies
Edited by: Rino Rappuoli and Fabio Bagnoli   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-74-5. Ebook: 978-1-912530-76-2
"valuable information" (Doodys); "high-quality illustrations" (Ref. Res. Book News); "recommended" (Microbiol. Today); "essential reading" (Arch. Virol.); "a valuable addition to the field" (CID); "a comprehensive update" (Med. Sci. Books) read more ...
Full information at Vaccine Design.
Salmonella: From Genome to Function
Edited by: Steffen Porwollik   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-73-8. Ebook: 978-1-912530-74-8
"a valuable resource" (Doodys); "recommended reading" (Food Sci. Technol. Abstr.); "indispensable" (Microbiol. Today); "a wide and exciting range of topics" (Biospektrum); "great overviews and insights" (ASM Microbe) read more ...
Full information at Salmonella.
PCR Troubleshooting and Optimization: The Essential Guide
Edited by: Suzanne Kennedy and Nick Oswald   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-72-1. Ebook: 978-1-912530-71-7
"an essential book ... a valuable tool to all those interested in PCR" (Doodys); "an essential guide" Aus. J. Med. Sci read more ...
Environmental Microbiology: Current Technology and Water Applications
Edited by: Keya Sen and Nicholas J. Ashbolt   Published: 2011
Book: 978-1-904455-70-7. Ebook: 978-1-912530-77-9
"very helpful to researchers" (SciTech Book News); "a valuable resource for many years to come" (Microbiol. Today); "comprehensive and useful" (Quar. Rev. Biol.) read more ...
Full information at Environmental Microbiology.