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Concluding remarks

Alexander Plyusnin and Richard M. Elliott
from: Bunyaviridae: Molecular and Cellular Biology (Edited by: Alexander Plyusnin and Richard M. Elliott). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2011)


The preceding chapters in this book have revealed the breadth and diversity of viruses classified within the family Bunyaviridae. Although unified by common characteristics such as tripartite single stranded RNA genome, virion composed of four structural proteins and cytoplasmic site of replication, bunyaviruses show major differences in biological behaviour and replication strategy. The level of understanding of viruses in the five genera is equally diverse. The availability of reverse genetics systems for orthobunyaviruses and phleboviruses, that permit generation of viruses containing defined genetic alterations, has opened up new insights into aspects of replication, genome plasiticity and interactions with the host innate immune response. On the other hand, extensive nucleotide sequence analyses of hantaviruses have provided unparalleled knowledge of their evolution and relationships. However, it is clear that much remains to be discovered about this most interesting of virus families that will keep (bunya)-virologists occupied for many years to come. Below we briefly comment on the most important venues for future studies read more ...
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