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Lactobacillus Genomics and Metabolic Engineering

Sandra M. Ruzal presents a new book on Lactobacillus Genomics and Metabolic Engineering
The considerable commercial importance has stimulated a plethora of research projects studying the genomics, molecular biology and metabolic engineering of these bacteria and prompted the need for this concise book which provides a timely overview of the field. Topics covered include: the genomic perspective on niche adaptability; catabolic pathways of complex carbohydrates metabolism; the production of lactate; genetics, biology of the cell envelope and applications of the S-layer proteins; lactobacilli bacteriophage; DNA transfer into Lactobacillus species; recombinant gene expression and genomics of antibiotic resistance in Lactobacillus. read more ...
Lactobacillus Genomics and Metabolic Engineering
Edited by: Sandra M. Ruzal
An invaluable source of information this book is essential reading for everyone working with lactobacilli, LAB and probiotics.