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JMMB Volume 3 Number 1. January 2001

JMMB Reviews

  • Phylogenetic Analyses and Comparative Genomics of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) and Pyridoxal Phosphate Biosynthesis Pathways
    Gerhard Mittenhuber [access full article]
  • Comparative Genomics of Prokaryotic GTP-Binding Proteins (the Era, Obg, EngA, ThdF (TrmE), YchF and YihA Families) and their Relationship to Eukaryotic GTP Binding Proteins (the DRG, ARF, RAB, RAN, RAS and RHO Families)
    Gerhard Mittenhuber [access full article]
  • Biology of Treponema pallidum: Correlation of Functional Activities With Genome Sequence Data
    Steven J. Norris, David L. Cox, and George M. Weinstock [access full article]
  • JMMB Communications

  • Autoregulation of the Biosynthesis of the CcpA-Like Protein, PepR1, in Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp bulgaricus
    Fabienne Morel, Mauld Lamarque, Isabelle Bissardon, Danièle Atlan and Anne Galinier [access full article]
  • L-Glutamate Efflux with Corynebacterium glutamicum: Why Is Penicillin Treatment or Tween Addition Doing the Same?
    Lothar Eggeling, Karin Krumbach and H. Sahm [access full article]
  • Grouping Together Highly Diverged PD-(D/E)XK Nucleases and Identification of Novel Superfamily Members Using Structure-Guided Alignment of Sequence Profiles
    Janusz M. Bujnicki and Leszek Rychlewski [access full article]
  • JMMB Research Articles

  • Protein-Protein Interaction Between Bacillus stearothermophilus Tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase Subdomains Revealed by a Bacterial Two-Hybrid System
    Gouzel Karimova, Agnes Ullmann and Daniel Ladant [access full article]
  • OspA, a Lipoprotein Antigen of the Obligate Intracellular Bacterial Pathogen Piscirickettsia salmonis
    Michael A. Kuzyk, Ján Burian, Julian C. Thornton, and William W. Kay [access full article]
  • A s-Like Factor Responsible for Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Streptomyces griseus
    Han-Seung Lee, Yasuo Ohnishi and Sueharu Horinouchi [access full article]
  • Phyloproteomics: Species Identification of Enterobacteriaceae Using Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
    Gregory C. Conway, Sandra C. Smole, David A. Sarracino, Robert D. Arbeit, Peter E. Leopold [access full article]
  • Organisation and Evolution of the tol-pal Gene Cluster
    James N. Sturgis [access full article]
  • Reduction of Wobble-position GC Bases in Corynebacteria Genes and Enhancement of PCR and Heterologous Expression
    Gulsah Sanli, Sachiko I. Blaber and Michael Blaber [access full article]
  • Regulation of the Early Steps of 3-Phenylpropionate Catabolism in Escherichia coli
    Evelyne Turlin, Marina Perrotte-piquemal, Antoine Danchin and Francis Biville [access full article]
  • Biosynthesis of K88 Fimbriae in Escherichia coli: Interaction of Tip-Subunit FaeC with the Periplasmic Chaperone FaeE and the Outer Membrane Usher FaeD
    Olaf Mol, Wendy C. Oudhuis, Ron P.C. Oud, Robert Sijbrandi, Joen Luirink, Nellie Harms, and Bauke Oudega [access full article]