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Pathogenic Fungi: Host Interactions and Emerging Strategies for Control

Publisher: Caister Academic Press
Edited by: Gioconda San-Blas and Richard A. Calderone
Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, Caracas, Venezuela and Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
Pages: x + 470
Publication date: June 2004
ISBN: 978-0-9542464-8-8
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Publication date: June 2004
ISBN: 978-1-913652-46-3
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Pathogenic Fungi book
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During the past decade we have witnessed a mushrooming of papers in the area of medical mycology; detailing major advances in areas such as genomics, molecular and cellular biology, molecular epidemiology, immune response and vaccine development, and strategies to combat infections in humans. This sheer volume of information makes it extremely difficult for the busy research scientist and/or teacher of medical mycology to keep abreast of all the latest advances. This book, together with its companion volume Pathogenic Fungi: Structural Biology and Taxonomy, brings together expert international authors who critically review current topics, and through the provision of extensive reference sections positively encourage readers to pursue the subject in greater detail.

The book is divided into two sections: Fungal Interactions with the Host and Antifungal Antibiotics. The emphasis of the first section is focused on the two-way recognition systems that exist between the host and the fungus. Experts in fungal-host interactions discuss new initiatives for alternatives to drug therapy through the development of vaccines and passive antibody therapy. In the Antifungal Antibiotics section, new target development, molecular modelling, and drug resistance, both at the individual organism level, and in a biofilm, are featured.

Essential reading for everyone with an interest in medical mycology including: mycologists, biotechnologists, molecular biologists, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


"Each chapter of this book is a critical review of current knowledge on the topic in question, with an extensive bibliography" from CAB International (2004).

"These two companion books have brought together an international group of authors who have provided comprehensive reviews of the current understanding about pathogenic fungi ... They will be important additions to departmental and institutional libraries" from Microbiology Today (2005).

"... this book is extremely interesting and undoubtedly represents an enrichment to every private or public library used for theoretic or clinical mycology" from Expert Rev. Anti Infect. Ther. (2005) 3(1) 7-8.

"From the outset let it be stated clearly, unambiguously and emphatically: these are two truly excellent books; the best in the field I have seen in many years. There is not a single weak chapter to be found in either volume. The writing is first class, and the authors provide thought-provoking, critical ideas as well as up-to-date, very comprehensive coverage of their topics." from Mycological Research (2005) 109: 126-127.

"... essential and inspiring reading." from Mycological Research (2005) 109: 126-127.

"highly recommended" from Aus. J. Med. Sci. (2006) 27(3) 122-123.

Table of contents
1. Host Recognition by Fungal Pathogens
Elaine Bignell, Tom Rogers and Ken Haynes
2. Virulence Factors That Protect the Fungus From Elimination
M. Feldmesser
3. Virulence Factors That Promote Invasion of Candida albicans
Martin Schaller, H. C. Korting and B. Hube
4. Adaptation to Oxidative, Nutrient and Ph Stress by Human Pathogenic Fungi
Neeraj Chauhan and Richard A. Calderone
5. Innate Immunity to Fungi: The Art of Speed and Specificity
Luigina Romani
6. T- and B-lymphocytes in Mucosal Candidiasis
F. De Bernardis, M. Boccanera, C. Amantini and G. Santoni
7. Immunomodulation and Immunoprotection in Fungal Infections: Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses
Luiz R. Travassos, A. Casadevall, and C.P. Taborda
8. Genomic instability, Recombination and Adaptation in Candida albicans
Germán Larriba
9. Antifungal Drugs, Targets and Target Discovery
D. Li and R. A. Calderone
10. Molecular Basis of Antifungal Resistance
Rajendra Prasad, Nivedita Gupta, and Manisha Gaur
11. Fungal Biofilms and Drug Fesistance
Gordon Ramage and José L. López-Ribot
12. Molecular Modelling of Echinocandin-Type Antibiotics Using Molecular Mechanics and Density Functional Theory Calculations
Juan Murgich, H. Franco and G. San-Blas

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