Caister Academic Press

Homogeneous Fluorescent Chemistries for Real-Time PCR

Authors: M. A. Lee, D. J. Squirrell, D. L. Leslie, and T. Brown
Abstract: The development of fluorescent methods for a closed tube polymerase chain reaction has greatly simplified the process of quantification. Current approaches use fluorescent probes that interact with the amplification products during the PCR to allow kinetic measurements of product accumulation. These probe methods include generic approaches to DNA quantification such as fluorescent DNA binding dyes. There are also a number of strand-specific probes that use the phenomenon of Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET). In this chapter we describe these methods in detail, outline the principles of each process, and describe published examples. This text has been written to provide an impartial overview of the utility of different assays and to show how they may be used on various commercially available thermal cyclers.
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