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Our high level microbiology and molecular biology books bring together expert international authors under the skilled editorship of leading scientists to produce state-of-the-art compendiums of current research. Aimed at the research scientist, graduate student, medical reseacher and other professionals, these books are highly recommended for all microbiology and molecular biology libraries.
Thermophilic Microorganisms
Edited by: Fu-Li Li   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-910190-13-5. Ebook: 978-1-910190-14-2
"concise and readable ... an invaluable resource" (Micro. Today) read more ...
Full information at Thermophilic Microorganisms.
Flow Cytometry in Microbiology: Technology and Applications
Edited by: Martin G. Wilkinson   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-910190-11-1. Ebook: 978-1-910190-12-8
"an impressive group of experts" (ProtoView); "practical and up-to-date information" (Biotechnol. Agron. Soc. Environ.); "a variety of valuable information" (Biospektrum) read more ...
Full information at Flow Cytometry in Microbiology.
Probiotics and Prebiotics: Current Research and Future Trends
Edited by: Koen Venema and Ana Paula do Carmo   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-910190-09-8. Ebook: 978-1-910190-10-4
"excellent writing, and effective editing" (SIMB News) read more ...
Full information at Probiotics and Prebiotics.
Epigenetics: Current Research and Emerging Trends
Edited by: Brian P. Chadwick   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-910190-07-4. Ebook: 978-1-910190-08-1
"this is one text you don't want to miss" (Epigenie); "up-to-date information" (ChemMedChem) read more ...
Full information at Epigenetics.
Corynebacterium glutamicum: From Systems Biology to Biotechnological Applications
Edited by: Andreas Burkovski   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-910190-05-0. Ebook: 978-1-910190-06-7
"Without question a valuable book" (BIOSpektrum) read more ...
Full information at Corynebacterium glutamicum.
Edited by: Joerg Graf   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-908230-56-0. Ebook: 978-1-908230-57-7
"a comprehensive review" (Ringgold); "well-written, informative" (Frontiers Microbiol.) read more ...
Full information at Aeromonas.
Advanced Vaccine Research Methods for the Decade of Vaccines
Edited by: Fabio Bagnoli and Rino Rappuoli   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-910190-03-6. Ebook: 978-1-910190-04-3
"highly recommended as essential reading ... a recommended volume for all microbiology and medical libraries" (Fungal Diversity) read more ...
Antifungals: From Genomics to Resistance and the Development of Novel Agents
Edited by: Alix T. Coste and Patrick Vandeputte   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-910190-01-2. Ebook: 978-1-910190-02-9
"both timely and well-conceived" (ChemMedChem); "timely and scholarly overview" (IMA Fungus); "extremely valuable" (CID); "Reading this book was a real adventure" (Gen. Physiol. Biophy.); "an excellent addition to the personal or institutional library" (Doodys); "a valuable background" (Fungal Diversity) read more ...
Full information at Antifungals.
Bacteria-Plant Interactions: Advanced Research and Future Trends
Edited by: Jesús Murillo, Boris A. Vinatzer, Robert W. Jackson and Dawn L. Arnold   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-908230-58-4. Ebook: 978-1-910190-00-5
"an up-to-date overview" (Ringgold); "a timely overview ... Essential reading" (Biotechnol. Agron. Soc. Environ.); "excellent all-round information" (BioSpektrum) read more ...
Full information at Bacteria-Plant Interactions.
Antibiotics: Current Innovations and Future Trends
Edited by: Sergio Sánchez and Arnold L. Demain   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-908230-54-6. Ebook: 978-1-908230-55-3
"packed full of useful information" (MicroToday); "genuinely a brilliant resource" (ChemMedChem); "a useful resource" (Book News); "insightful reading" (Biospektrum); "I thoroughly recommend this textbook" (Aus. J. Med. Sci.) read more ...
Full information at Antibiotics.
Leishmania: Current Biology and Control
Edited by: Subrata Adak and Rupak Datta   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-908230-52-2. Ebook: 978-1-908230-53-9
"an excellent reference" (Doodys); "a useful guide" (Fungal Diversity) read more ...
Full information at Leishmania.
Acanthamoeba: Biology and Pathogenesis (2nd edition)
Author: Naveed Ahmed Khan   Published: 2015
Book: 978-1-908230-50-8. Ebook: 978-1-908230-51-5
"comprehensive review" (Book News); "comprehensive handbook ... as well as an invaluable reference" (Fungal Diversity) read more ...
Full information at Acanthamoeba.