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Transcriptional Profiling of Yersinia enterocolitica-host Cell Interactions

Reinhard Hoffmann, Ekaterina Lenk, and Jürgen Heesemann
from: Yersinia: Systems Biology and Control (Edited by: Elisabeth Carniel and B. Joseph Hinnebusch). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2012)


The infection of the host is a complex biological process which prompted infection biologists to pursue reductionist approaches to unravel molecular events of pathogen-host interaction. DNA microarray provides us with a systems biology approach to gain a more holistic picture. Transcriptional profiling of host cell-pathogen interactions results in vast data sets which have to be carefully analyzed by considering the pathogen on a clonal level, the particular cell type (cell lines or primary cells) and the infection model. Here we summarize and discuss the available transcriptional profiling data obtained from Yersinia enterocolitica infection models in relation to the general gene expression program of host cells to microbial infection read more ...
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