Caister Academic Press

Transcriptional Profiling of the Yersinia pestis Life Cycle

B. Joseph Hinnebusch, Florent Sebbane, and Viveka Vadyvaloo
from: Yersinia: Systems Biology and Control (Edited by: Elisabeth Carniel and B. Joseph Hinnebusch). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2012)


DNA microarray technology enables a comprehensive, systems biology approach to investigate the microbial gene expression program associated with adaptation to different environments. Monitoring the whole-genome transcriptional response of pathogens within infected tissues has rarely been achieved, but has been possible with Yersinia pestis. The transcriptional profiles of Y. pestis in infective fleas and in the lymph node of rats during bubonic plague were compared to identify important adaptational responses associated with successful colonization of the flea, transmission, and the establishment of disease in the mammal. The differential patterns of gene expression indicate metabolic reprogramming, response to different stresses, and specific induction of virulence and transmission factors as Y. pestis alternates between its two hosts read more ...
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