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Viruses of Microorganisms and Biotechnology

Paul Hyman
from: Viruses of Microorganisms (Edited by: Paul Hyman and Stephen T. Abedon). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2018) Pages: 297-312.


A large part of biotechnology in the sense of genetic engineering developed in parallel to increasing knowledge of the molecular biology of bacteria and their viruses, the bacteriophages. Many of the enzymes used were ones evolved by bacteriophages. While in principle, enzymes and other components of other viruses of other microbes could be used, historically, knowledge of bacteriophages predates the viruses of other microorganisms. In this chapter I present an overview of some of the technological methods that have been created using whole bacteriophages or bacteriophage components for: the creation of materials and molecules with novel selected properties (phage display); detection of bacterial pathogens (biosensors); and next-generation vaccines. In considering these, I will both define the technological approaches as well as discuss some of the challenges of taking these technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace read more ...
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