Caister Academic Press

Clinical application of interferons

Ben X. Wang, Ramtin Rahbar and Eleanor N. Fish
from: Viruses and Interferon: Current Research (Edited by: Karen Mossman). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2011)


In this chapter, the clinical uses of interferons (IFNs), predominantly the IFN-αs, will be reviewed in the context of virus infections and neoplasias. The last 30 years have seen an accumulation of clinical studies evaluating the potential safety and efficacy of IFN treatment for acute and chronic virus infections, most notably hepatitis C virus. Moreover, given the pleiotropic effects of type I IFNs in terms of their antiproliferative and apoptotic effects, their anti-angiogenic effects and their ability to modulate an immune response specifically activating dendritic cells, cytolytic T cells and NK cells, their therapeutic potential for the treatment of a wide variety of leukemias and solid tumors has received intensive investigation read more ...
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