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Gamma-Butyrolactones and their Role in Antibiotic Regulation

Marco Gottelt, Stefan Kol and Eriko Takano
from: Streptomyces: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Edited by: Paul Dyson). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2011)


γ-Butyrolactones are small signalling molecules regulating antibiotic production and sometimes also morphological development in streptomycetes. The related regulatory systems are complex, and some are species specific. Focusing on well-studied examples in S. griseus, S. virginiae and S. coelicolor, we depict common basic features and differences between the γ-butyrolactone systems. Biosynthesis and structural diversity of the γ-butyrolactones are described, as well as the mode of action and structure-function relationship of the bacterial "hormone receptors". We also report the recent discovery of a previously undescribed antibiotic compound in S. coelicolor by deletion of a γ-butyrolactone homologue, and the identification and characterisation of a second form of the major γ-butyrolactone receptor in the model streptomycete S. coelicolor read more ...
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