Caister Academic Press

Staphylococci of Animals

J. Ross Fitzgerald and José R. Penades
from: Staphylococcus: Molecular Genetics (Edited by: Jodi Lindsay). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2008)


Several staphylococcal species are notorious as human pathogens and are the focus of worldwide intensive research efforts. However, staphylococci are also associated with a large number of animal species and cause several infections of major economic importance. In addition, the zoonotic transmission of staphylococci to humans, especially those which are antibiotic-resistant, is a growing threat to public health. In this chapter, we will summarize selected aspects of the molecular pathogenesis of staphylococci which are pathogenic to animals and discuss how researchers are starting to investigate the host-adaptive evolution of staphylococci.

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