Caister Academic Press

RNA-Mediated Recognition of Chromosomal DNA

David R. Corey
from: RNA and the Regulation of Gene Expression: A Hidden Layer of Complexity (Edited by: Kevin V. Morris). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2008)


Designed molecules that recognize specific sequences within chromosomal DNA would provide useful probes for natural cellular processes, tools for laboratory experimentation, and lead compounds for therapeutic development. We initially discovered that duplex DNA could be recognized by conjugates consisting of DNA oligonucleotides and cationic proteins or peptides. We subsequently observed similarly efficient recognition by neutral peptide nucleic acids (PNAs). Taking these studies as a starting point, we examined whether duplex RNAs could also mediated efficient recognition of duplex DNA. We found that RNAs can target transcription start sites and either inhibit or activate gene expression. These data, together with that from other laboratories, indicate that promoter-targeted RNAs can be powerful tools for regulating gene expression read more ...
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