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Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression

Kevin V. Morris
from: RNA and the Regulation of Gene Expression: A Hidden Layer of Complexity (Edited by: Kevin V. Morris). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2008)


Epigenetics is the study of meiotically and mitotically heritable changes in gene expression which are not coded for in the DNA. Three distinct mechanisms appear to be intricately related and implicated in initiating and/or sustaining epigenetic modifications; DNA methylation, RNA-associated silencing, and histone modifications. While chromatin remodeling and DNA methylation have been studied for several years now far less is know about how these epigenetic marks are directed to each particular gene. Recently, however the role of RNA in epigenetic gene regulation has begun to become apparent. In this chapter we will discuss the basic mechanisms of epigenetic regulation of gene expression and how epigenetics might be involved in the evolution of the cell read more ...
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