Caister Academic Press

Non-coding RNAs and the Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression

Kevin V. Morris
from: Applied RNAi: From Fundamental Research to Therapeutic Applications (Edited by: Patrick Arbuthnot and Marc S. Weinberg). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2014)


A paradigm shift is occurring in molecular biology with the realization that much of the genome is transcribed as non-coding RNA and that these non-coding transcripts are biologically relevant. Many examples have now been provided whereby long non-coding RNAs that are antisense to their protein-coding counterpart are actually involved in epigenetically regulating the protein coding genes expression. Importantly, small non-coding RNAs can be utilized to either take advantage of these endogenous non-coding pathways of gene regulation and silence gene expression or to target regulatory non-coding RNAs and de-repress particular protein-coding genes, essentially turning on a genes expression. Knowledge of this emerging RNA based epigenetic regulatory network and our ability to control gene expression has deep implications in the development of entirely new areas of therapeutics read more ...
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