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RNAi With Viral Vectors That Deliver Small Interference RNAs

Jovanna González-Rojas, Xabier Abad and Puri Fortes
from: RNA Interference and Viruses: Current Innovations and Future Trends (Edited by: Miguel Angel Martínez). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2010)


RNA interference (RNAi) has been successfully applied as a technology to inhibit gene expression for functional studies and offers great promise in therapeutic applications. The inhibitors that mediate interference are called siRNAs, small RNA molecules that can be expressed from viral vectors. Depending on the viral vector used and the route of administration, the inhibitors can be delivered in specific organs, for shorter or longer terms and with varying efficacy. In this chapter, we review the characteristics of the most relevant viral vectors for RNAi technology and the different cassettes that allow expression of the small RNA inhibitors. Further, we summarize the application of viral vectors delivering siRNAs in preclinical models of relevant diseases, such as cancer, neurological disorders and viral infections. Finally, we discuss several concerns that should be taken into account when considering viruses as vectors to mediate RNAi. We believe that the information provided in this chapter will help the successful design of experiments aimed to silence the expression of specific genes, both for gene function studies or for therapeutic purposes read more ...
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