Caister Academic Press


Ralf G. Dietzgen and Ivan V. Kuzmin
from: Rhabdoviruses: Molecular Taxonomy, Evolution, Genomics, Ecology, Host-Vector Interactions, Cytopathology and Control (Edited by: Ralf G. Dietzgen and Ivan V. Kuzmin). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2012)


There is no abstract for this chapter. The following is the first paragraph: Rhabdoviruses constitute a diverse group of viruses with non-segmented, single-stranded, negative-sense RNA genomes (Mononegavirales), which share a common morphology, phylogeny, and similar genome organization. The outstanding characteristic of rhabdoviruses is their large, bullet-shaped (Ge et al., 2010) or bacilliform (Jackson et al., 2005) virions after which the family Rhabdoviridae is named. The Big Picture Book of Viruses provides a collection of stunning and beautiful images of rhabdovirus electron micrographs and cartoons ( Despite (or because of) these common characteristics, rhabdoviruses successfully utilize a plethora of ecological niches, infecting a variety of plants, invertebrates, and vertebrates read more ...
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