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RNA-mediated Regulation of Virulence Gene Expression: Another Layer of Complexity

Efthimia Lioliou, Cédric Romilly, Thomas Geissmann, François Vandenesch and Pascale Romby
from: Bacterial Regulatory Networks (Edited by: Alain A.M. Filloux). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2012)


Many pathogenic bacteria cause serious diseases in humans, animals, and plants. Due to the appearance of resistance to multiple antibiotics, it has become important to fully understand the regulatory networks that lead to the production of virulence factors that help the bacteria combat the host defense machinery, acquire nutrients, and survive and/or proliferate within the host. In recent years, complex interplays between transcriptional regulatory proteins, two-component systems, and regulatory RNAs have been described, establishing the gene expression patterns in pathogenic bacteria. In this review, several examples will illustrate the diversity of regulatory RNAs and how they are integrated into the regulatory circuits required for virulence gene expression, with special emphasis on the mechanisms of regulation at the molecular level read more ...
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