Caister Academic Press

Genex: Data Analysis Software

Mikael Kubista, Vendula Rusnakova, David Svec, Björn Sjögreen and Ales Tichopad
from: Quantitative Real-time PCR in Applied Microbiology (Edited by: Martin Filion). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2012)


As the qPCR field advances, the design of experiments and the analysis of data is becoming more important and more challenging. Calculation of relative expression of a reporter gene to a reference gene in pairs of samples using the ΔΔCq method is no longer sufficient. Studies are now designed using multiple markers, nested levels, exploring or confirming the effect of multiple factors, occasionally in paired designs, etc. Proper handling of such data requires software that support the planning and design of experiments, and data analysis. Several software with these capacities are emerging. This chapter describes some of the features of one of the most powerful of those: GenEx from MultiD Analysis read more ...
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