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Serum Profiling by Targeted Proteomics for Biomarker Discovery

Paula Diez, Maria Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Noelia Dasilva, Ricardo Jara-Acevedo, Alberto Orfao and Manuel Fuentes
from: Proteomics: Targeted Technology, Innovations and Applications (Edited by: Manuel Fuentes and Joshua LaBaer). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2014)


Personalised medicine is one of the most important goals in medical research. Advances in detection and treatment of diseases have improved during the last decades, but there are still difficulties regarding the response to therapies depending on individual profiles. With the purpose of elucidating the best methods to deal with pathologies, various disciplines have emerged. Proteomics appears as the most promising in biomarker discovery. Detecting proteins with biomarker utility may be essential for a better diagnosis and prognosis. In this review we describe several targeted proteomic quantification methodologies. In addition, we summarize studies in cancer, auto-immune and metabolic diseases in which mass spectrometry approaches have been employed for biomarker discovery read more ...
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