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Use of recLABs: Good Bugs to Deliver Molecules of Health Interest. From Mouse To Man

Jean-Marc Chatel, Natalia Breyner, Debora Rama, Vasco Azevedo, Anderson Myioshi and Philippe Langella
from: Probiotics and Prebiotics: Current Research and Future Trends (Edited by: Koen Venema and Ana Paula do Carmo). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2015) Pages: 167-180.


Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) constitute a heterogeneous group of Gram-positive bacteria widely used in the food industry because of their generally regarded as safe (GRAS) status. In this regard, LAB have been widely investigated and used as live vehicles for the production and delivery of heterologous proteins or cDNA of vaccinal, medical or technological interest because of its ease for protein secretion and purification. Here, we review the expression of heterologous protein and the various delivery systems developed to target heterologous proteins to specific cell locations (cytoplasm, extracellular medium or cell wall), as well as the more recent research on LAB as DNA delivery vehicles and finale with the challenges and future trends to improve the existing strategies and develop new ones read more ...
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