Caister Academic Press

Genomics-driven Advances in Xanthomonas Biology

Damien F. Meyer and Adam J. Bogdanove
from: Plant Pathogenic Bacteria: Genomics and Molecular Biology (Edited by: Robert W. Jackson). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2009)


The genus Xanthomonas consists of 20 plant-associated species, many of which cause important diseases of crops and ornamentals. Individual species comprise multiple pathovars, characterized by distinctive host specificity or mode of infection. Genomics is at the center of a revolution in Xanthomonas biology. Complete genome sequences are available for nine Xanthomonas strains, representing three species and five pathovars, including vascular and non-vascular pathogens of the important models for plant biology, Arabidopsis thaliana and rice. With the diversity of complete and pending Xanthomonas genome sequences, the genus has become a superb model for understanding functional, regulatory, epidemiological, and evolutionary aspects of host- and tissue-specific plant pathogenesis. In this chapter, we review structural, functional, and comparative genomics studies that are driving rapid advances in our understanding of this important group of bacteria read more ...
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