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Systemic Movement of Viruses Via the Plant Phloem

Vicente Pallás, Ainhoa Genovés, M. Amelia Sánchez-Pina and José Antonio Navarro
from: Recent Advances in Plant Virology (Edited by: Carole Caranta, Miguel A. Aranda, Mark Tepfer and J.J. Lopez-Moya). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2011)


The incorporation of non invasive techniques has allowed remarkable progress in our understanding of the vascular transport of plant viruses. Indeed, approximately seventy-five percent of reports about this topic have been published after the first use of the jellyfish green fluorescent protein (GFP) in plant virology. In the last two decades, a very detailed picture of the viral determinants involved in phloem transport of plant viruses has been obtained. However, we realize that most virus-host interactions are pathosystem-specific and, consequently, the identification of common host factors involved in phloem transport of plant viruses is the exception rather than the rule. In addition, we are still far from obtaining a clear picture of how environmental factors influence the vascular invasion of plants by these pathogens. In this chapter, we review the progress made in understanding the viral determinants involved in vascular transport of viruses and the pathways followed by viruses during systemic movement, and we do so mainly by focusing on host and environmental conditions that influence the final distribution of viruses in the plant read more ...
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