Caister Academic Press

Reverse Osmosis: Membranes, Materials, Applications and Nanotechnology

Jesus Hierrezuelo, Elena Garrido and J. Manuel López-Romero
from: Nanotechnology in Water Treatment Applications (Edited by: T. Eugene Cloete, Michele de Kwaadsteniet, Marelize Botes and J. Manuel López-Romero). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2010)


This chapter provides a review about the membrane separation technologies focusing on reverse osmosis (hyperfiltration) and nanofiltration. The first one is based on the basic principle of osmotic pressure, while the latter makes use of molecule size for separation. Recent advances on nanotechnology are opening a range of possibilities in membrane technologies. This chapter also reviews some of these aspects: new membrane preparation and cleaning methods, new surface and interior modification possibilities, the use of new nanostructured materials, and new characterization techniques read more ...
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