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The Potential of Nanofibers and Nanobiocides in Water Purification

Marelize Botes and Thomas Eugene Cloete
from: Nanotechnology in Water Treatment Applications (Edited by: T. Eugene Cloete, Michele de Kwaadsteniet, Marelize Botes and J. Manuel López-Romero). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2010)


Electrospun nanofibers and nanobiocides show potential in the improvement of water filtration membranes. Biofouling of membranes caused by the bacterial load in water reduces the quality of drinking water and has become a major problem. Several studies showed inhibition of these bacteria after exposure to nanofibers with functionalized surfaces. Nanobiocides such as metal nanoparticles and engineered nanomaterials are successfully incorporated into nanofibers showing high antimicrobial activity and stability in water. Research on the applications of nanofibers and nanobiocides in water purification, the fabrication thereof and recently published patents are reviewed in this article read more ...
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