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Cellular Differentiation in N. fowleri

from: Brain-eating Amoebae: Biology and Pathogenesis of Naegleria fowleri (Author: Ruqaiyyah Siddiqui, Ibne Karim M. Ali, Jennifer R. Cope and Naveed Ahmed Khan ). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2016) Pages: 127-152.


N. fowleri has a fascinating biology and exhibits three life forms. It reproduces in the amoeboid form, transforms into a flagellate to travel long distance to search for food, and switches into a dormant cyst to withstand harsh conditions. As a flagellate, it is a useful model organism to study motility processes of flagellates; as an amoeba, it is a useful model to study molecular biology of phagocytosis; and its ability to transform into cysts that remain viable for months to years, makes it an attractive model to study cellular differentiation processes of cell dormancy. In this chapter, we discuss the present knowledge of cellular differentiation processes in N. fowleri and associated factors read more ...
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