Caister Academic Press

Glycosidase Activity in Mollicutes

Meghan May and Daniel R. Brown
from: Mollicutes: Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis (Edited by: Glenn F. Browning and Christine Citti). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2014)


Non-metabolic manipulation of carbohydrates is associated with pathogenicity in many bacteria, but was historically thought to be absent or very rare among the Mollicutes. The sequencing of numerous mycoplasma genomes has allowed the recognition of several features previously unrecognised or under-reported in mycoplasmas. As a result, glycosidase genes that can be phenotypically validated have been identified in numerous species. The characterization of these enzymes and the genes encoding them has led to a greater understanding of the ecology of the organisms and of horizontal gene transfer between Mycoplasma species. Such studies have also highlighted an area with potential for novel intervention strategies in the treatment and/or prevention of mycoplasmosis. Here we present a review of the known mycoplasmal glycosidases describing their biological characteristics, putative evolutionary origins and potential roles in pathogenicity read more ...
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