Caister Academic Press

Transcriptome-based Biomarkers: A Road Map Exemplified for Peripheral Blood-based Biomarker Discovery, Development and Clinical Use

Joachim L. Schultze
from: Molecular Diagnostics: Current Research and Applications (Edited by: Jim Huggett and Justin O'Grady). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2014)


By using high-throughput genomic technologies an enormous number of novel biomarker candidates have been suggested for all the major diseases including cancer, metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases and infections. Biomarkers are a prerequisite for developing truly personalized medicine. Yet the enormous efforts of biomarker discovery are not paralleled by similarly efficient biomarker development. In fact, only a very small number of biomarkers have made it into clinical practice in recent years. There are many reasons for the lack of translation of discovery into development and clinical practice. Using blood transcriptomics as an example, recent and current development, but also pitfalls and potential solutions for biomarker development are outlined here read more ...
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