Caister Academic Press

Applications of Metagenomics for Industrial Bioproducts

Dominic Wong
from: Metagenomics: Theory, Methods and Applications (Edited by: Diana Marco). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2010)


Recent progress in mining the rich genetic resource of non-culturable microbes has led to the discovery of new genes, enzymes, and natural products. The impact of metagenomics is witnessed in the development of commodity and fine chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals where the benefit of enzyme-catalyzed chiral synthesis is increasingly recognized. Recovery of metabolic pathways and gene clusters involved in biosynthesis of antibiotics and bioactive molecules has increased the prospect of identifying useful natural and synthetic products for drug development. The discovery of biocatalysts operating optimally with high efficiency in conditions amenable to industrial processes requirements are key to successful development of food products, detergent additives, bioactive compounds, fuel alcohol and biodiesel, as well as optically active intermediates for chemical and drug synthesis read more ...
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