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Current Research for Bioremediation of Mercury

Irene Wagner-Döbler
from: Bioremediation of Mercury: Current Research and Industrial Applications (Edited by: Irene Wagner-Döbler). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2013)


This review covers approximately the last ten years of research. It is based on appr. 150 publications on mercury remediation in Medline, including 83 citations of our papers from 1999 and 2000 (von Canstein et al., 1999; Wagner-Döbler et al., 2000a). After eliminating citations which were not directly related to the topic, roughly 120 references remained. Completeness is not claimed by this review, and I apologize for work that may have been over-looked or not been thoroughly appreciated. Many reviews on metal or mercury bioremediation have been published during this period and provide additional information (Nascimento and Chartone-Souza, 2003; Doty, 2008; Eapen and D'Souza, 2005; Kramer, 2005; LeDuc and Terry, 2005; Meagher and Heaton, 2005; Miretzky and Cirelli, 2009; Ruiz and Daniell, 2009; Wagner-Dobler, 2003; Nascimento and Chartone-Souza, 2003; Lloyd and Lovley, 2001; Lloyd et al., 2003; Lovley, 2003; Means and Hinchee, 1994; Pan-Hou, 2010) read more ...
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