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Live Imaging

George Chaconas, Tara J. Moriarty, Jon Skare and Jenny A. Hyde
from: Lyme Disease and Relapsing Fever Spirochetes: Genomics, Molecular Biology, Host Interactions and Disease Pathogenesis (Edited by: Justin D. Radolf and D. Scott Samuels). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2021) Pages: 525-548.


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Being able to vizualize a pathogen at a site of interaction with a host is an aesthetically appealing idea and the resulting images can be both informative as well as enjoyable to view. Moreover, the approaches used to derive these images can be powerful in terms of offering data unobtainable by other methods. In this chapter, we review three primary modalities for live imaging Borrelia spirochetes: whole animal imaging, intravital microscopy and live cell imaging. Each method has strengths and weaknesses, which we review, as well as specific purposes for which they are optimally utilized. Live imaging borriliae is a relatively recent development and the first edition of this book lacked a chapter to cover the area, which was in its infancy. Here, in addition to the methods themselves, we also review areas of spirochete biology that have been significantly impacted by live imaging and present a collection of images associated with the forward motion in the field driven by imaging studies.
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