Caister Academic Press

Microchip-based PCR Amplification Systems

Nathaniel C. Cady
from: Lab-on-a-Chip Technology (Vol. 2): Biomolecular Separation and Analysis (Edited by: Keith E. Herold and Avraham Rasooly). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2009)


The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has been widely used for amplification of DNA sequences. This technique can be coupled with a variety of detection assays for the identification of a wide range of DNA targets. Reducing PCR to the microchip level is of interest for portable detection technologies and high-throughput, massively parallel analytical systems. This chapter describes the basic process of creating a miniaturized, microfluidic PCR chip and a simple method for thermally cycling this microchip during PCR amplification. These methods can be broadly applied to a variety of microchip architectures, materials, and downstream analytical methods read more ...
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