Caister Academic Press

Fabricating PDMS Microfluidic Channels Using a Vinyl Sign Plotter

Michael Armani, Roland Probst and Benjamin Shapiro
from: Lab-on-a-Chip Technology (Vol. 1): Fabrication and Microfluidics (Edited by: Keith E. Herold and Avraham Rasooly). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2009)


A novel technique is presented for creating PDMS microchannels from molds produced by a sign plotter, which can be done quickly, cheaply, and in-house. To do this a vinyl template is made using a sign plotter, a negative template is made from the vinyl using an epoxy mold, and a final PDMS mold is made using the epoxy template. This method allows for microchannel design and fabrication in less than 2 hr, without the need for clean room lithography or a chrome mask, and eliminates the poor transparency, poor sealing, and adhesive residues of microchannels made directly from vinyl cutouts. This fabrication process was used to create channels to demonstrate microfluidic flow control of particles read more ...
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