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Vaccine Biology of Leishmania Infection

Abdus Sabur and Nahid Ali
from: Leishmania: Current Biology and Control (Edited by: Subrata Adak and Rupak Datta). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2015) Pages: 167-192.


Leishmaniasis, a vector borne parasitic disease imposes devastating impact on global health. An impact making prophylactic measure against the disease is lacking. But promising prophylactic vaccine candidates are on the count, edging towards a successful vaccine for leishmanisis. This could be achieved by efforts put forward in understanding the immuno-biology associated with leishmaniasis, breakthroughs in search of antigenic components and advances in delivery system and adjuvant biology. The initial part of the chapter deals with the limitations and challenges in vaccine development against leishmaniasis pertaining to issues like less understood host parasite interaction during Leishmania infection and immunological requirements for protection. In the subsequent sections major advances in search of antigenic components and vaccine formulations are pointed. This section highlights various approaches and the developmental status of experimental vaccine for leishmaniasis. The limitations associated with each vaccine category are also pointed. An update of some impact making vaccine for canine leishmaniasis is briefed. The therapeutic potential of some of the vaccine candidates are also discussed. Finally the role played by various adjuvants and delivery system in vaccine development against leishmanisis is detailed. In a nutshell, the chapter sheds light on the developmental history, with recent updates and future prospects for a successful vaccine for leishmaniasis read more ...
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