Caister Academic Press

The Antiviral Role of RNA Interference

Michelle L. Flenniken, Mark Kunitomi, Michel Tassetto and Raul Andino
from: Insect Virology (Edited by: Sassan Asgari and Karyn N. Johnson). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2010)


Insects, like all living organisms, have developed defence mechanisms to resist infection. RNA interference (RNAi), a nucleic acid-based, post-transcriptional gene regulation process has recently emerged as a central pathway to anti-viral defence in insects. In this chapter, we outline the role of RNAi in insect immunity and highlight research that led to its discovery as well as research aimed at understanding the mechanistic details of anti-viral RNAi and the counter-measures viruses employ to modulate this immunological mechanism. As our knowledge of the pathways and mechanisms involved in insect immunity expands, so do the opportunities to employ insects as model systems to examine the general principles and co-evolution of hosts and their pathogens read more ...
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