Caister Academic Press


Yoshio Yamaoka
from: Helicobacter pylori: Molecular Genetics and Cellular Biology (Edited by: Yoshio Yamaoka). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2008)


After the modern discovery of Helicobacter approximately 25 years ago by Robin Warren and Barry J. Marshall, many scientists developed an interest in the unique characteristics of Helicobacter, especially H. pylori, a bacterium proven to be the cause of gastritis and peptic ulcer and the progression to gastric cancer. H. pylori has very unique characteristics, such as microaerophily and nitrogen metabolism; therefore, H. pylori has been the subject of intensive research to unravel the mysteries of its genetics and cellular biology. In fact the number of publications in this field has risen dramatically in recent years making it extremely difficult for even the most diligent reader to stay abreast of progress. This book distils the most important cutting-edge findings in the field to produce a timely and comprehensive review. In this chapter, we described a brief background of the field including the discovery of Helicobacter and the relationship between H. pylori and gastroduodenal diseases. We then briefly summarize each chapter read more ...
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