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Identification and Characterisation of Glycosylation in Bacterial Proteins

Nichollas E. Scott, Stuart J. Cordwell, John F. Kelly and Susan M. Twine
from: Bacterial Glycomics: Current Research, Technology and Applications (Edited by: Christopher W. Reid, Susan M. Twine, and Anne N. Reid). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2012)


There are increasing numbers of reports of bacterial glycosylation in pathogenic bacteria, with well-characterized bacterial glycoproteins including pilins, flagellin and other surface-associated proteins. However, the discovery of bacterial glycoproteins can be challenging due to the diversity of glycans bacteria use to modify proteins. At the protein level, so-called 'top-down' mass spectrometry studies of intact protein can rapidly characterize bacterial glycan ions. At the peptide level, interpretation of individual bacterial glycopeptide tandem mass spectra can be challenging, owing to the diverse range of bacterial glycans produced. Reports of methods to specifically isolate bacterial glycopeptides are advancing knowledge of bacterial glycoproteomes. Herein, we provide an overview of protein and peptide centric mass spectrometry and related analytical techniques for the enrichment and analysis of bacterial glycoproteins read more ...
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