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Bacterial Lipoarabinomannan: Structure to Biogenesis

Arun K. Mishra, Sarah M. Batt, Luke J. Alderwick, Klaus Futterer, and Gurdyal Singh Besra
from: Bacterial Glycomics: Current Research, Technology and Applications (Edited by: Christopher W. Reid, Susan M. Twine, and Anne N. Reid). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2012)


Lipoarabinomannan is an amphipathic lipoglycan found in the cell wall of most Actinomycetes. The majority of bacteria from the sub-order Corynebacterineae, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium smegmatis and Corynebacterium glutamicum, and from genus Rhodococcus, Gordonia and Amycolatopsis; all possess lipoarabinomannan and related glycoconjugates, such as lipomannan and phosphatidyl-myo-inositol mannosides. In addition to their physiological function in these microorganisms, these glycoconjugates play a key immunomodulatory role for pathogenic bacteria during infection. Herein, we report the work from this laboratory and several others, which has led to the biochemical characterization of key enzymes involved in the biogenesis of these complex glycoconjugates read more ...
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