Caister Academic Press

Comparative Methods For RNA Structure Prediction

Eckart Bindewald and Bruce A. Shapiro
from: Genome Analysis: Current Procedures and Applications (Edited by: Maria S. Poptsova). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2014)


The appreciation of the pervasiveness of RNA biology continues to increase. The vastness of available sequence information calls for computational tools that aid in a variety of prediction problems, such as RNA structure prediction, RNA-RNA interaction prediction and genomic scans for conserved RNA structural elements. Comparative methods for RNA structure prediction employ a set of homologous RNA sequences; this additional information can then be used to not only estimate energy contributions, but also information in the form of compensatory base changes. Different software tools make use of this information in a fascinating variety of ways. This paper surveys current comparative approaches for RNA structure predictions and discusses a variety of future trends read more ...
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