Caister Academic Press

Transcriptional Regulation Network in Cyanobacteria: a Comparative Genomic View

Xizeng Mao, Fenglou Mao, Zhengchang Su, Yi Li and Ying Xu
from: Bacterial Gene Regulation and Transcriptional Networks (Edited by: M. Madan Babu). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2013)


Cyanobacteria are the oldest and most diverse organisms of autotrophic photosynthesis on Earth. Compared to the most studied bacteria such as E. coli, the overall knowledge about the transcriptional regulation system of cyanobacteria is still limited and fragmented. The availability of a large number of fully sequenced cyanobacterial genomes, along with genome-scale transcriptomic data, provided unprecedented opportunities for researchers to elucidate the transcriptional regulation system in this group of organisms in a systematic manner. In this chapter, we first provide a brief introduction to the basics of cyanobacteria, including their diverse living habits and phylogenetic classification, and then describe the basic components of their transcription regulation system. We then proceed to describe in details the regulatory machinery of three key pathways, namely photosynthesis, nitrogen assimilation and osmoregulation, along with their cross-talk networks. To demonstrate how comparative genomics can help to elucidate the complexity of transcriptional regulation systems under diverse living environments, we will use six cyanobacteria to demonstrate what information can be derived through genome comparisons and how. The chapter ends with a list of available Internet resources along with a list of challenging problems in full elucidation of cyanobacterial transcription regulation systems
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