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Glycosylation of Flagellins

Susan M. Logan
from: Pili and Flagella: Current Research and Future Trends (Edited by: Ken Jarrell). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2009)


In recent years it has become clearly established that a number of bacteria produce flagellins which are posttranslationally modified with novel glycan structures via O-linkage. In contrast, the flagella of Aarchaea, which closely resemble bacterial type IV pili in structure, can also have glycosylated flagellin monomers, although the glycan moiety in this system is attached in N-linkage. The unique mechanisms of assembly of these distinct flagellar structures plays an integral role in the respective glycosylation processes. The glycosylation of flagellin has been shown to affect flagellar assembly or play a role in virulence of a number of pathogenic species. This chapter will focus on reviewing the current knowledge of structural diversity of flagellar glycans and mechanisms of glycosylation, and in addition describe the unique biological roles of some of these flagellar glycans read more ...
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