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Replication and Maintenance of Viral Genomes by Association with Host Chromatin

Koenraad Van Doorslaer, Vandana Sekhar, Jameela Khan, and Alison A. McBride
from: Small DNA Tumour Viruses (Edited by: Kevin Gaston). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2012)


Papillomaviruses persistently infect dividing epithelial cells. This cellular environment presents papillomaviruses with the challenge of having to replicate and retain their genome in proliferating cells. Papillomaviruses have evolved to maintain their genome as an extra-chromosomal element. The viral E2 protein binds to the viral genome and tethers it to the host chromosomes. This chapter will review some of the recent work showing how different papillomaviruses have evolved variations on this theme. Where appropriate, parallels will be drawn with other persistent, double-stranded DNA viruses read more ...
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