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The two-component regulatory systems

from: Cyanobacteria: Signaling and Regulation Systems (Author: Dmitry A. Los). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2018) Pages: 93-128.


Covers: • The two-component regulatory system - a simple universal switch • Positive and negative modes of gene regulation • Temperature sensors • Sensors and transducers of cold stress • Light regulation of cold sensing • Cold signal transducer, response regulator Rre26 (RpaB) • Sensors of heat stress • Sensors and transducers of salt stress • Sensors and transducers of hyperosmotic stress • Sensors of oxidative stress • Cation and anion sensors • Manganese sensor systems • Nickel sensor system • Potassium sensor systems • Phosphate sensors systems • Light sensors • Phytochromes • Cyanobacteriochromes • Engineered light sensors based on CBCRs • Multifunctional sensory systems
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