Caister Academic Press

The Carboxysome: Function, Structure and Cellular Dynamics

Jeffrey C. Cameron, Markus Sutter and Cheryl A. Kerfeld
from: The Cell Biology of Cyanobacteria (Edited by: Enrique Flores and Antonia Herrero). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2014)


The ability to use light energy for the accumulation and fixation of CO2 has given cyanobacteria the ability to thrive in diverse and extreme environments. Cyanobacteria play a central role in the global carbon cycle and have changed the earth's atmosphere by generating oxygen and depleting CO2. The CO2 concentrating mechanism (CCM) consists of active transport systems for inorganic carbon acquisition and a distinctive protein-based organelle, the carboxysome. Recent advances in structural and systems biology and biological imaging have built upon decades of biochemical and genetic research to advance our understanding of the carboxysome. In this chapter we provide an overview of the carboxysome structure and place the carboxysome in the context of cyanobacterial metabolism and morphology read more ...
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