Caister Academic Press

Protein Targeting, Transport and Translocation in Cyanobacteria

Dirk Schneider
from: The Cell Biology of Cyanobacteria (Edited by: Enrique Flores and Antonia Herrero). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2014)


In contrast to other bacteria, cyanobacterial cells are composed of six different subcellular compartments, and proteins might be localized in one of the three membrane systems (outer, cytoplasmic or thylakoid membrane) or within one of the three soluble compartments, i.e. the periplasmic space, the cytoplasm or the thylakoid lumen. As cyanobacterial cells appear to have distinct sets of proteins localized only in a single subcellular compartment, these organisms eventually have evolved mechanisms to localize proteins to specific membranes for membrane integration or for translocation across these membranes. In the present article we summarize findings on the membrane structure of cyanobacterial cells as well as on heterogeneous protein distribution, and we discuss current models aiming at explaining mechanisms involved in protein targeting and sorting in cyanobacteria read more ...
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