Caister Academic Press

Heat Shock Responce in Psychrophilic Microorganisms

Seiji Yamauchi, Shinsuke Fukuda and Hidenori Hayashi
from: Cold-Adapted Microorganisms (Edited by: Isao Yumoto). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2013)


Psychrophilic microorganisms can optimally grow at temperatures below 15°C. In these microorganisms, heat stress occurs at relatively low temperatures in comparison with that in mesophilic microorganisms. The majority of psychrophilic microorganisms possess genes encoding a complete set of heat shock proteins (Hsps). Therefore, psychrophilic microorganisms respond to heat stress by producing Hsps like other microorganisms; however, they need a specific system to enable the expression and function of Hsps at relatively low temperatures. In this chapter, we summarize the heat shock response of psychrophilic microorganisms, focusing on how this response starts working at relatively low temperatures and what the features of psychrophilic Hsps are read more ...
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